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5 Fun and Free Snow Activities for Kids

posted by: High Level Hotels on: December 31, 2013 2:19:37 PM

Here in Northern Alberta, we are certainly no strangers to snow. If you’re visiting High Level or anywhere else in the province this winter, you can expect to be become well acquainted with the fluffy white stuff, which blankets many parts of our province for much of the year.

But don’t let all the snow get you down—it can be a lot of fun for the kids (even if you’re not into the traditional snowsports like skiing and snowmobiling). In this spirit, we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do in the snow.

1: Build a Snow Fort
Make your own frozen castle from tightly packed snow, then use it as a hideout for a snowball fight or hide-and-go-seek!

2: Look for Animal Prints
High Level is home to a wide variety of wildlife that roam the snow covered ground. Have some fun by seeking out animal tracks and seeing if you can identify the creature that made them.  

3: Preserve Snowflakes
Each snowflake is an intricate work of art! Capture and view them up-close using this easy method: get a thin piece of plexiglass (make sure it’s cooled to the outside temperature) and cover it in a thin coat of clear lacquer. Let it set for a few minutes and then use it to catch some snowflakes. Put it in a covered container and let it harden outside for a few hours, then view the snowflakes with a magnifying glass. 

4: Make Homemade Maple Taffy
Boil maple syrup and drizzle it onto well-packed snow. Let it cool and you have yourself a homemade, natural treat!

5: Play Footprint Tag
Add a twist to the conventional game of tag by trying only to step in each other’s fooprints.

For more ideas on how to make the most of the winter weather stay tuned to our High Level Hotels blog!